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John Welch

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Alumni Profile

John Welch

John Welch ’15 wanted to attend a smaller university where his Catholic faith would be valued.

Summer 2021 | Gay Eyerman

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Class of 2015

John Welch ’15 wanted to attend a smaller university where his Catholic faith would be valued. He was a well-catechized homeschooler and aiming to continue in that direction.

“The most important thing Franciscan gave me was an environment where it wasn’t difficult to keep my faith front and center. Faith was so naturally incorporated, with three Masses available every day and adoration in my dorm. It left me space to pursue my growth as a person and academically.”

John credits God with leading him to the University where he met his future wife, Grace Bender ’15, and best friend and business partner, Patrick Hanus ’15.

As a communication arts major, for three years John edited audio and video for Franciscan University Presents, a national EWTN program.

“I became a member of the Communications and Marketing team producing a live show. Those are some of my best memories, working with friends and professors who were teaching us to get better at these skills.”

After graduating in 2015, Welch and Hanus started their own marketing company in Indianapolis called Skymouse Studios.

“It represents the big vision you need to have—which is the sky—and the small daily habits you need to get anywhere, and that’s the mouse.”

They help small businesses build websites that communicate their brand and services in a streamlined, one-page format.

“The future of websites is completely different than what they are now,” says John. “Small businesses spend far too much on things they don’t need. We create beautiful, functional websites for a fraction of what others charge. There needs to be a movement back to honesty and integrity in the way businesses treat customers. Our long-term goal is to reshape the way the internet looks. We tell a real story that resonates with customers.”

John is not shy about being Catholic, and he and Patrick create video content and podcasts, including Catholic Late Night, on their “Overt TV” YouTube channel, attracting more than 2,500 subscribers.

But he finds that being an honest businessperson lends credence to the faith he professes.

“The decisions Patrick and I make are informed by our Catholic faith. We don’t chase whatever business we can find. We trust God takes care of us, so we focus on building the right relationships with people of integrity. We say a daily Rosary together and constantly ask what God is leading us to, so we know the Holy Spirit is working in our business and in our lives.”


Gay Eyerman is a writer and video producer dedicated to telling stories that matter for nonprofit and business clients in the Cleveland area.

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