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John Lucian

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Alumni Profile

John Lucian

When John Lucian ’95 was once asked to provide emergency pro bono legal assistance he knew it was a unique opportunity to show mercy.

Summer 2021 | Maura Roan McKeegan

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Class of 1995

When John Lucian ’95 was once asked to provide emergency pro bono legal assistance to an immigrant seeking asylum in the U.S., he realized it would mean canceling his Fourth of July plans with his young children to travel to the July 5 hearing. Still, John believed this work of mercy was important, and he took the case. Later, he received a prestigious award for his effort.

“It was a unique patriotic and Catholic opportunity at the same time,” says John, a partner at Blank Rome LLP in Philadelphia, one of the 100 largest law firms in the country.

John also says his education at Franciscan University helped to instill the values he puts into practice in his career.

“I reflect often on the value of my Franciscan education and its important role in my success,” he says.

A transfer student, John came to Franciscan his junior year, drawn by the Philosophy Program and vibrant Catholic culture. When he decided to go to law school, he found that his undergraduate coursework, especially reading Thomas Aquinas, had given him a strong foundation for legal studies.

“Studying Aquinas’ Summa Theologica was a good introduction to the deductive reasoning and persuasive advocacy skills that are essential for success in law school and the legal profession,” he explains.

As a corporate lawyer, John represents some of the largest banks in the country in high-profile cases. While the workload can be overwhelming, John says he thrives on the challenges.

“One of my favorite sayings to my kids over the years has been, ‘If your plate is full, get a bigger plate,’” he says. “So, I try to lead by example. I also admit I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie from my own youth sports days, and I have found legal battles to be an age-appropriate substitute for the over-40 crowd.”

Outside of the courtroom, John can often be found on a soccer field or wrestling mat, coaching or cheering on one of his five children. He is married to Stephanie (Luxem), whom he met on campus.

He also has found time to give back to Franciscan by mentoring recent graduates who’ve gone on to law school.

“We’re a family,” John says of his connection with fellow alumni. “There’s an immediate sense of trust and loyalty among Steubenville grads.”


Maura Roan McKeegan is the author of “Saved by the Lamb: Moses and Jesus” and other Catholic children’s books.

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