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A New Center for Success – and Hope

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The Dean's List

A New Center for Success – and Hope

The new Center for Success helps students thrive in college.

Winter 2022 | Dr. Ann Dulany

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One of the greatest blessings of my work is to watch students cross the stage at graduation, knowing the personal struggles many overcame to earn their degree.

I recall one gentleman who lacked motivation to complete his degree after a setback required a change of major. He struggled to balance studies with an off-campus job and unreliable transportation to class.

Since he was unable to attain the minimum grade point average, the academic review board gave him an ultimatum. To remain enrolled, he must participate in mentoring. Weekly goals and accountability were an important factor in helping him finish the degree, and it was immensely rewarding to watch Father President hand him a diploma.

This student’s story is not unique. He and many students like him have benefited from a network of support across campus. Yet even as we rejoice in the achievements of our graduates, we are called forth with a renewed sense of hope, responding to the needs of current students and the Church today.

Growing enrollment, online learning, and changing student demographics impact how we effectively support our students. Additionally, as students face new challenges to learning amid a global pandemic, many need help in overcoming issues that distract them and complicate a healthy learning environment.

To better serve these students, Franciscan is creating a centralized Center for Success in fall 2022 uniting the efforts of Student Life, Academics, Enrollment Services, and others throughout the University. The center will care for Franciscan students in all programs and modalities, including our online students.

A collaborative effort among faculty and staff across campus, the center will take an integrated approach to promote student well-being intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Challenges in any of these areas can undermine the ability of a student to fully utilize his or her gifts and talents in class.

Our student success counselors will be dedicated to helping students overcome barriers in the transition to college. Two particular emphases in our success efforts will be on better acclimating first-generation college students to Franciscan and on serving a burgeoning population of Latino students.

The Center for Success will be located in the St. John Paul II Library because it is easily accessible and visible to students in a popular learning space. In addition, moving staff support from administrative buildings to a center of learning and student engagement will create a more approachable and hospitable environment for our students with room to gather in small groups or meet one on one.

Individual tutoring and mentoring spaces will be created, and student success counselors will be available to assist students as needed. Programming will address issues such as study skills, mental health and well-being, and the formation of healthy habits.

As a Catholic institution, our purpose is to serve the Lord and continually respond to his call. Franciscan University’s mission to educate, evangelize, and send forth disciples is accomplished through ongoing conversion and an openness to allowing the Lord to lead us on the journey he has prepared for us.

The Center for Success will rely on a shared sense of institutional vocation as we walk with our students in their academic journey.

Our hope is that students, united with a communion of saints, will find dignity through the faithful fulfillment of their duties as students. It is an honor to journey with them and be a source of hope as they hone their skills and grow in confidence in their academic ability.

In this 75th jubilee year, the Lord gives us a message of promise and hope: “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good tidings to the afflicted” (Isa. 61:1). We wait expectantly for the abundance of grace he has in store for us through the Center for Success.

Dr. Ann Dulany ’97, MSA ’08 serves as dean of Advising and Academic Operations at Franciscan University.

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