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Winter 2024

Encounter, Conversion, Community, and the Academic Life

“Franciscan University’s core values of encounter, conversion, and community are intrinsically connected to our search for and dissemination of truth.”

Autumn 2023

The Gospel and Academic Formation

“The exercise of the professional arts, like the fruit of the liberal arts, is at once earthly and heavenly.”

Summer 2023

Q&A With Our New Dean

Dr. Stephen Hildebrand assumes his new role as vice president of Academic Affairs.

Winter 2023

In the Blink of an Eye

After 12 years as vice president for Academic Affairs, Dr. Daniel Kempton will bid farewell to Franciscan.

Autumn 2022

Introducing Our PhD in Theology Program

Franciscan University’s doctoral program in theology anticipated to launch fall 2024.

Summer 2022

Continuity and Transformation

For Franciscan University to uphold its unchanging mission, ongoing transformation is necessary.

Winter 2022

A New Center for Success – and Hope

The new Center for Success helps students thrive in college.

Summer 2021

Thrown Into the Online World

Dr. Cory Maloney reflects on how schools across all levels pivoted to online learning and the lessons we learned here at Franciscan.

Autumn 2021

Not “Laboring in Vain”

Dr. Daniel Kempton reflects on Franciscan University’s theme for the 2021-22 academic year.

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