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Winter 2024

Ministry as a Way of Living

Franciscan students serve the local community through Works of Mercy outreaches, changing their own lives and the lives of others.

Autumn 2023

Knead Virtue

Lessons on virtue and bread making in Europe.

Summer 2023

Be Who God Made You to Be!

How and why Franciscan University has set out to create a culture of personal vocation.

Winter 2023

Bright Stars

Inspiring Franciscan alumni share the light of Christ through innovative ministries.

Autumn 2022

For Something Greater

75 years of Baron Athletics

Summer 2022

Educated for a Full Life

75 Years of Academic Excellence.

Winter 2022

The Heart of Franciscan

75 Years of Faith and Reason.

Summer 2021

Let’s All Go to the “Catholic” Movies

In 1995, the Vatican celebrated 90 years of cinema by asking renowned experts on films to compile a “greatest hits” list. That list surprised more than a few people. 

Autumn 2021

Caring for Our Aging Parents

Franciscan community members share stories and wisdom on caring for elderly parents.

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