Two Join Ranks of Professors Emeriti

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Two Join Ranks of Professors Emeriti

Dr. Mary Antoinette Sunyoger and Dr. Daniel Kempton reflect on their Franciscan careers.

Autumn 2023

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Recent retirees Dr. Mary Antoinette (Gallo ’70) Sunyoger (English) and Dr. Daniel Kempton (political science/vice president for Academic Affairs) became the latest Franciscan University professors awarded the distinction of the title “professor emeritus.” Here, Sunyoger and Kempton reflect on their time at Franciscan and what it has meant to them.


Dr. Mary Antoinette (Gallo ’70) Sunyoger

Professor Emerita

Retired 2023; 35 Years of Service

“Throughout these several decades, not only did I walk the campus of the College of Steubenville as one of her students, but I returned to walk the campus of Franciscan University of Steubenville as her professor of English. My service to the students was establishing a Writing Center for them and co-creating and expanding the Writing Concentration. But most of all, what I learned from my University and my students was love, a love for my faith and a love for my students. They have been folded into my life, and I thank them for giving me a part of their lives, even if only for a brief moment. I thank God for this blessing and for the blessing of being a part of this faith-filled community.”


Dr. Daniel R. Kempton

Professor Emeritus

Retired 2023; 12 Years of Service

“During my 12 years at Franciscan University, the University has grown without compromising either its academic excellence or passionately Catholic nature. It has advanced in both. The secret to these advances is simple. The University’s leaders are universally committed to hiring only those faculty and staff whom they trust will love and support our mission and have exceptional abilities to perform their respective jobs at the highest level. In sum, we trust in God’s providence to send us a new generation of talented and committed faculty and staff.”

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