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Chad Wilson ’01

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Alumni Profile

Chad Wilson ’01

Chad Wilson works with lawmakers to improve people’s lives.

Winter 2024 | Judy Roberts

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For Chad Wilson, the tragic deaths of two fellow Franciscan University students in 1999 led him to what he does today as a lobbyist for Nationwide Insurance.

“There were a lot of us at Franciscan whose lives changed that day along with our career trajectory and personal trajectory,” Chad says, recalling the kidnapping and fatal shooting of Aaron Land, 20, and Brian Muha, 18.

At the time, Chad was a marketing major who knew he wanted to be involved in business, but he says the tragedy altered everything, reminding him he had only one life to live.

“I think I’ve had that passion ever since to really maximize my profession, knowing we only have one chance.”

While attending the trials of those charged in the killings, Chad met a Franciscan alumnus who offered him an internship with the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). The internship led to a job with the organization after graduation and ultimately to Chad becoming a lobbyist.

“I also felt like Aaron and Brian were instrumental in my job because you realize laws matter and make a big difference in people’s lives.”

After seven years with NFIB, Chad joined Nationwide and currently is associate vice president of Government Relations.

During his 15-plus years with Nationwide, he has worked on many issues, but one of the most significant has been Ohio’s recent adoption of a law prohibiting holding a phone while driving.

“The premise is: eyes on the road and not on your phone,” he says, adding, “I know this law will save countless lives.”

He also was instrumental in the passage of a law to provide low-interest loans for adoptive parents in Ohio, an effort inspired by his own experience. When he and his wife, Chrissy (Quinn ’01), were adopting their daughter, Quinn, they discovered the need for such loans to see families through the adoption process.

“This was another special moment as families in Ohio can now overcome the cost of adoption.”

Chad credits Franciscan with giving him what he needed to succeed in his career.

“You have incredible confidence because the whole person at Franciscan is developed.”

Chad Wilson received the 2023 Alumni Citizenship Award for his distinguished community service and leadership in seeking to pass life-changing and life-saving laws.

Judy Roberts writes from Graytown, Ohio.

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