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Winter 2024

Memorizing Scripture With Our Children

Tips on how to learn Bible verses as a family.

Autumn 2023

How to Live Your Best Life

Certified life coach Zoë Romanowsky shares advice for living better.

Summer 2023

Travel Like an Expert

Flight attendant Mary Ann Cortese ’20 shares travel advice for your summer vacation.

Winter 2023

Cultivating Healthy Relationships

Katie (Davis ’19) Holler shares tips for building healthy relationships.

Autumn 2022

How to Talk to People About Jesus

Kree (Kenton ’08) Peña offers insights for sharing the faith.

Summer 2022

Fireworks Safety

Ed Patton Jr. ’71 offers tips to enjoy fireworks safely.

Winter 2022

Car-Buying Tips

Board of Trustees member Mark Thomas shares tips for getting a good deal on a new or used car.

Summer 2021

Prayer Tips for Parents (and Everyone)

Frank picked up some valuable lessons in deepening her prayer life in the midst of family life. Here are her secrets to a successful prayer life for parents of little ones.

Autumn 2021

Buying a Good Bottle of Wine

Winemaker Theodore Smith ’08 shares secrets to buying a good bottle of wine.

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