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Campus Life Then & Now

A look through the camera lens at 75 years of student activities.

Summer 2022 | Jessica Walker

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Only a month after the College of Steubenville opened, the Press Club became the first organized club on January 21, 1947. Since then, students have banded together to create clubs for every interest, plan dances and other campus events, or establish Greek organizations and, later, faith households. Here are a few snapshots from student activities over the last 75 years.


Greek Life

Fraternities and sororities were among the first student groups at the College of Steubenville, helping students find brothers and sisters away from home.


Household Life

In December 1974, President Father Michael Scanlan, TOR, established households—communities of men or women designed to foster Christian friendships. At first, joining a household was required, but by 1980, households had become so central to campus life that they became voluntary. Today, over 900 students belong to a faith household.

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