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Winter 2024

On Being Called Father

“Hopefully, I am revealing the face, the heart of our heavenly Father, as so many fathers have done for me.”

August 2023

The “Secret” Sauce

“Three elements or core values—ingredients, if you like—make our secret sauce unique: encounter, conversion, and community.”

Summer 2023

The Most Important Question

“Every baptized Catholic is called to be holy and, by the way we live our life, to help sanctify the world.”

Winter 2023

Seeing the Fruit

“Seeing immediate fruit would be nice, though it doesn’t usually work that way. But sometimes it’s already there; we just need to look for it.”

Autumn 2022

A Little Secret

Ultimately, I believe Franciscan University is being faithful to the call St. Francis of Assisi received over 800 years ago, the same call the TOR Franciscans who founded this university heard 75 years ago: “Go, rebuild my Church.”

Summer 2022

What I Learned at Franciscan

“My time at Franciscan formed me and equipped me to succeed in all the academic ventures I have had since graduating.”

Winter 2022

God’s Work

“Franciscan University of Steubenville is still here and thriving through God’s providential care.”

Summer 2021

Seeing God’s Hand

When Franciscan University announced our bold Step in Faith initiative 15 months ago, we were not sure what would happen.

Autumn 2021

More Than Gold

“I love being a priest, and I have experienced so many blessings over the last 25 years. One of the greatest blessings has been Franciscan University’s Steubenville Youth Conferences.”

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